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New Footage Reveals That Denver Security Guard Killed Trump Supporter In Self-Defense

By Theodore Shoebat Not too long ago I did a video on the Denver shooting in which a security guard shot and killed a “patriot” Trump supporter. While much of the Right-wing online were arguing that this was Antifa terrorism, I argued that this was likely an act of self-defense. Well, recent evidence shows that […]

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‘Augmented Humanity’ Advances With The Development Of ‘Robot Suits’

One of the trends that I have noted here at with regard to the future of artificial intelligence and robotics is what some call “augmented humanity”, which is where humans and machines work together in a sort of symbiotic union to enhance man’s natural abilities. For eample, putting on a pair of boots or […]

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Trump Says He May ‘Flee The Country’ If He Loses The Election

At a recent campaign rally, President Trump joked as reported by that if he loses the election, he may have to ‘flee the country’. President Trump joked that he would “have to leave the country” if he loses the upcoming presidential election against Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “I will deliver optimism, opportunity and hope, […]

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Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Dreams Of Ottoman Dominance

The current situation playing out right now in Armenia and Azerbaijan with the war over the Nagorno-Karabakh region is not something that should be considered out of place or extraordinary. That region, as it is the crossing ground between Europe, Central Asia to the Far East, and the rest of southwestern Asia/Mediterranean Sea regions/Africa is […]

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