Archive | October 22, 2020


Top Polish Court Rules Most Abortions Illegal In Poland

While most of Europe has trended towards more ‘liberalization’, Poland is one of the few nations that has generally been able to remain consistent against this, and instead has ut herself forward as something, even if it is only nominal or politically motivated amid other issues, as an obstacle to these changed. As such, it […]

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One Charge Dismissed Against Officer Chauvin In Floyd Case

Following the death of George Floyd in June 2020, a nationwide series of protests began that caused a lot of chaos with ensuing property destruction and demands for racial equality amid creating conditions that for many would unfortunately further the trend of deteriorating racial relationships at a politically intense period. However, in another development as […]

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Report: Half Of Europe’s Small Businesses Face Closure Due To Pandemic Effects

I have at length discussed the state of small business in the US and how the pandemic has affected it, which is largely to push many businesses to close and further the expansion of megabusinesses. However, I have not given equal treatment of this issue to Europe. Unfortunately, from what I could see, the trends […]

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Former Google CEO: ‘Social Networks Are Amplifiers For Idiots’

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is known for his share of controversies in many areas. However, according to a series of recent statements to Bloomberg and reported by way of Yahoo! Finanace, he said that social networks are ‘amplifiers for idiots’. Former Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said the “excesses” of social media are […]

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