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The Battle Rages On As Armenia Just Shot Down An Azerbaijani Ariel Vehicle Just 13 Miles Miles From Yerevan, While Azerbaijan Just Bombed Two Different Towns In Armenia

By Theodore Shoebat The battle continues to rage on between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Some noticeable events just recently occurred. Armenia shot down an Azerbaijani unmanned just 13 miles away from Yerevan (Armenia’s capital city). According to the Armenian publication, Aysor: An enemy unmanned aerial vehicle was damaged by the air defense forces in the air […]

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European News Magazine Reports: “Turkish Air Force F-16s Were Deployed Against Armenia And Shot Down An Armenian Military Aircraft”

By Theodore Shoebat A reputable European news magazine, Modern Diplomacy, has affirmed that Turkey has been denying: that Turkish F16s were deployed against Armenia and took out an Armenian aircraft. The report, written by Anna Barseghyan, details: The red line has been crossed. Turkish Air Force F-16s were deployed against Armenia and shot down an Armenian military aircraft […]

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Trump, Putin And Macron Call For Peace Between Armenia And Azerbaijan, But Erdogan Rejects Calls For Peace And Wants The Fighting To Continue

By Theodore Shoebat President Trump, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, And the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, have exhorted both the Armenians and Azerbaijanis to cease their fighting which has, so far, led to the deaths of about hundred people and hundreds more getting wounded. But, both Armenia and Azerbaijan refuse to end their […]

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