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Police Investigate Follower Of Major Anti-Islam Activist Found Dead In Norway has been known since her inception as opposing the evils of Islam, but not to the support of persons or ideas that promote other major evils such as racialism and eugenics. This has been our main criticism of the counter-jihad movement, as in the name of ‘fighting Islam’ she has alled with people promoting […]

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Protests Erupt In Mongolia Over Treatment Of Ethnic Mongolians In China

In many parts of the world, the use of language is intimately tied to political ambitions. It is why in Russia, there is such an emphasis on the Russian language and a very carefully balanced position on regional cultures, especially in the Far East. The same is also for China, and is the reason why […]

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German President Warns That German Nationalism Is On The Rise, Threatens The World Political Order noted for years that nationalism was going to be a major trend to watch, especially in Germany, since the growth of Germanic nationalism directly corresponds with increased prospects for war and violence against her neighbors. It is so common that one might call it cyclical. As such, it is going to continue to be […]

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Trump Is Winning The Voter Registration Battle In Key States

One of the statemetns I have made consistently is that Trump does not really have to win most people. In fact, there is a very strong chance that Trump will lose by potentialy double the popular vote from last time. However, this does not matter to the Electoral College. All Trump needs is the College, […]

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