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Mob Of Far-left Terrorists Devastate Philadelphia, They Injure Thirty Cops And Even Run Over One Officer With A Truck

By Theodore Shoebat Horrendous rioting has been happening in Philadelphia where anti-police, far-Left fanatics have been raging about and looting. They injured thirty cops, and even ran over one police officer with a truck. According to USA Today: Police in Philadelphia said 30 officers were injured during violent protests Monday night that broke out after […]

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Biden Victory? Blue Wave? Not So Fast Say The Financial Analysts

One of the sectors of the economy that is quick to pick up on political trends is the financial sector. These people do this for reasons of necessity- finance is directly affected by politics, and because they know they are vulnerable to shock, they try to stand ready to make quick decisions about major issues. […]

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A Last “Hurrah” For Texas?

One of the important long-term trends I have noted at is the changing of Texas from a swing state into a battleground state. This has largely been driven by migration, with the largest chunk of that migration coming internally from California to major cities, in what many are calling the “Californiazation” of Texas. Basically, […]

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Judge Throws Out Sodomy Cases Against Almost Four Dozen Nigerians

Nigeria is one of a few nations in the world, and a literal handful of somewhat powerful ones, that have a strong prohibition against sodomite behavior. However, they have often come under pressure from the rest of the world to submit to the will of sodom. Thus it is interesting that according to a recent […]

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“Patriot Churches” Are Growing In Popularity

One of the trends that I have noted is the link between religion and nationalism, specifically within all forms of Protestantism, since while theology was cited as a reason for the revolt, it is ultimately a question of nationalism manifesting in the form of theological disputes that are not new, but a constant problem of […]

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Photo (right) reportedly showing Azeri soldier holding decapitated head of Armenian soldier

Azerbaijani Soldiers Take Armenian Soldier And Behead Him, Azeri Troops Also Murder Disabled Man And His Mother

By Theodore Shoebat The war over Nagorno-Karabakh continues on, with all of the horrors go along with nation killing nation. In recently reported news, there are reports stating that Azerbaijani soldiers beheaded an Armenian soldier, and also that other Azeri troops murdered a disabled man and his mother. As we read in the Greek City […]

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trump abbot

Donald Trump Announces That Governor Greg Abbot Called Him And Told Him That The Polls Are Wrong And That There Is No Way Biden Will Win Texas

By Theodore Shoebat Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, told Donald Trump that the polls are wrong and that there is no way Biden will win Texas. According to Newsweek: President Donald Trump railed against “suppression polls” showing him either losing or tied with former Vice President Joe Biden in reliably red states, with Trump saying […]

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US Signs Declaration That “There Is No International Right To Abortion”

Often times when one hears about the US and supporting certain policies, the trends tend to be negative, questionable in nature, or even depressing. However, there are times when more positive trends come out. Such happened recently, where it has been reported by the Christian Post that the US signed a declaration with thirty-one other […]

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