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Burkina Faso Called An ‘Epicenter’ Of Major Crises

About two years ago, started to note a rising trend of attacks in the tiny landlocked West African nation of Burkina Faso. We warned that amid increaseing persecution, violence, and social chaos, the small nation could become a catalyst for tipping off greater regional wars in West Africa as well as potentially causing a […]

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Russia Asks For Peace in The Arctic While She Proceeds To Militarize It has noted that a trend to watch for within the larger context of a coming global war will be militarization of the Arctic and the fights for the war being taken to the North Pole regions. The reason for this is largely because of Russia, since due to geopolitical and historical reasons, Russia knows […]

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Why Was A Greek Orthodox Metropolitan In The US Suddenly Censured By The Patriarch?

There is a well-known and problematic trend of persons attracted to both the same gender and small children entering into the priesthood and then using their positions to abuse children. However, this is not limited just to Catholics, for as I have pointed out, there is also the same problem in the Orthodox Churches, but […]

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Will Pennsylvania Become What Florida Was In Election 2000?

For those who remember, election 2000 was a nightmare in the state of Florida, where after much wrangling and talk of “dimpled chads”, “pregnant chads”, “tri-chads”, “hanging chads”, ballot recounts, and more legal wrangling, eventually was decided in favor of George W. Bush. There is an almost curious consistency to such thing that one might […]

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(Slavery Never Ended!) Militia Group Kidnaps 350 Migrants And Are Currently Hold 60 Of Them In Horrendous Condition

By Theodore Shoebat Slavery never ended, as human trafficking continues on. A recent example of this is what has been occurring in North Africa. In Libya, a militia kidnapped 350 migrants. While most of them managed to escape, the militia still has 60 migrants held in captivity. As we read in a report from AP: […]

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Up To 100,000 People Gather Together In Los Angeles To Protest Turkey’s War Against Armenia

By Theodore Shoebat Up to 100,000 people gathered together in Los Angeles to protest Turkey’s war against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh. As we read in a report from KCAL9: A Pro-Armenia rally held on Sunday afternoon in response to the ongoing Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict, drew up to 100,000 attendees, the LAPD estimated. The “Artsakh Under […]

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