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Misspeak Or Intentional, Biden Makes Statement About ‘Death Blow’ Amid Hospitalized President Trump

There are certain things that one does not do, such as to wish death on somebody who is sick. However, as many news reports are communicating, including, a recent statement from Biden about a “death blow” has some talking if he meant this as a misspeak about something else, or an intentional wish on […]

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Christian Armenia And Muslim Azerbaijan Are Now At War. Azerbaijan Just Bombed An Armenian Neighborhood And Soldiers Are Killing One Another As The United States Does Nothing And Turkey Is Using The War To Revive Its Own Empire

By Theodore Shoebat As hundreds of people have been slaughtered by shelling, as homes are shattered, the empires of old rise, and the world we have become so accustomed to is deteriorating before our eyes. Turkey, Russia and France are getting involved in the conflict within Nagorno-Karabakh, but the United States has been greatly silent, […]

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Cardinal V. Cardinal As Becciu Caught Spending Over A Million Dollars Paying For False Testimony Against Pell

While a lot of people view the Catholic Church as a ‘stable’ entity in terms of political leadership, the historical reality for most of Church history is the opposite. From approximately the middle of the fourth century until about 1450, the Church’s leadership was characterized by complete instability, and sometimes chaos unlike anything ever seen […]

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Report: Ten Percent Of The World Potentially Infected With COVID-19

There has been a lot of talk about COVID-19, and what one can pull from it is that the effects of the disease have had arguably more impacts than the disease itself, since the ensuing shutdowns to economies around the world have forced debts to come due and exposed long-standing weaknesses in the global economic […]

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Biden Tests Negative For COVID-19

With so much focus on Trump and COVID-19, some have been asking, is it possible that he may have infected Democrat contender Biden? The potential outcomes for this could be either politically helpful or damaging, and what effect they would have on the already present trends is questionable. Nevertheless, given Trumps’s attitude and his need […]

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Iran Declares Her Support For Turkey In Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Amid Allegations Of Supporting Armenia has covered in the past how Turkey and Iran, while historically fighting with each other, have also worked together, and how in modern times, Iran has shown open support of Turkey and her aspirations, much to the dismay of Saudi Arabia. In light of the current fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the […]

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