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Islamic Terrorists In Nigeria Go On Twenty-Four Hour Murder Spree, Butcher Thirty-Three People In Christian Majority Area

In West Africa, religion often overlaps with agricultural and social conflicts to turn what should be a small matter into deadly encounters. With Christian persecution as a trend on the rise for years, especially in the West African powerhouse of Nigeria that is also major Chinese ally, and key oil producer whose lines for oil […]

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Russian Tanker Spills Chemicals Associated With Rare Earth Mineral Extraction In The Far East

In the far eastern regions of Russia, there is a little region called the Kamchatka peninsula which forms the starting point of an archepelago stretching to northern Japan. These islands, called the Kuril Islands in Russian and the Chishima Islands in Japanese, are a source of major tension between Russia and Japan since as […]

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The Prime Minister Of Armenia Makes This Declaration To The Whole World: ‘Turkey Wants To Conquer Armenia And Continue The Armenian Genocide.’

By Theodore Shoeabat The prime minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinian, recently declared that Turkey wants to conquer Armenia and continue the Armenian Genocide from where the Ottoman Empire left off. As we read in a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Armenia has repeatedly claimed over the past week that Turkey sent Syrian fighters to Azerbaijan and […]

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Trump Still Hospitalized, So Far Is Doing Well

There has been a lot of talk about President Trump and his contracting COVID-19. In fortunate news, reports say that President Trump is “doing very well” per his physician on Saturday, where it was also noted that the president’s diagnosis came much earlier than apparently was initially reported by the White House. At this time […]

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Remember When Donald Trump Told Biden He’ll Have A Vaccine In A Matter Of Weeks? Well Now Trump Has Been Given Medicine For Covid And His Health Is Already Improving

By Theodore Shoebat One of the things that the media largely ignored in regards to the first presidential debate was when Trump told Biden that he will have a vaccine in a matter of weeks. In his own words: “And now, we’re weeks away from a vaccine.” Some moments later he said: ”they will have the […]

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Major Medical Expert Announces: ‘Trump Is Most Likely Going To Survive Covid.’

A major medical expert, former Baltimore Health Commissioner Leana Wen, said that Trump will most likely survive covid, as we read in a report from the Baltimore Sun: Former Baltimore Health Commissioner Leana Wen said in a CNN appearance on Friday morning that President Donald Trump is likely to recover from COVID-19, but questioned the timeline […]

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