Archive | October 31, 2020


THIRD TIME IN MONTH: Greek Orthodox Priest Shot In France

For the third time in the month, and now reported on by AFP via Yahoo! News, another priest, this time a Greek Orthodox priest, was shot at a church in Lyon, France by an assailant who is yet to be identified. An Orthodox priest was shot and injured on Saturday at a church in the […]

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Biden’s Black And Hispanic Blocs Are Slipping Away

The Black and Hispanic bloc have consistently polled out in Democrat favor at 95/5 and 70/30 for decades. However, this election, this base seems to be slipping as amid widespread conversation on the Internet about Biden’s past as well as his current statements, Bloomberg reports there is very low turnout among the two blocs as […]

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Oregon May Decriminalize ‘Hard Drugs’

The decriminalization of drugs is a major long-term trend in the US that will have a great impact on many people and society. Oregon recently made an interesting move that could set a trend for other states as according to the AP, they may move to legalize hard drugs. In what would be a first […]

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