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Putin Veritably Declares Support For The Democrat Party, Says There Are Many Common Values Between The Democrats And Communism

Many people have spoken about a relationship between Trump and Putin. Some have denied this. However, a recent statement from Putin should clarify that, at the very least, it seems he wants Trump to win, as he said that Communism and the Democrat Party make good allied. Russian President Vladimir Putin has attempted to mark […]

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Was A Catholic Priest Just Caught In A Bizarre, Blasphemous Ritual In Church?

There are many good priests, but there are also bad ones, and they can cause a lot of problems. Such happened recently when a priest in Louisiana was arrested after he was caught in a bizarre ritual involving prostitutes and blasphemy on the altar in a church. The lights inside Saints Peter and Paul Roman […]

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The Medicine That Trump Took To Cure Him Of Covid And That He Praised As A Gift From God Was Developed With The Cells Of Aborted Fetuses

The medicine that Trump took that cured him of his coronavirus and that Trump praised as a gift from God, was developed using the cells of aborted fetuses. As we read in a report from CBS News: The antibody cocktail that President Trump received for his COVID-19 infection and touted on Wednesday evening as a […]

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Poll: Most Americans Say They Are Better Off Under Trump Than Obama

I have repeatedly noted that most of the election is already decided. It only matters really in eight states what the outcomes are, and Trump is largely playing to them. According to a new Gallup Poll reported on by way of Zero Hedge, a majority of Americans say they are better off under Trump than […]

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