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Its Official: Pope Francis Supports Homosexuality And Demands That All Christians Accept Gay Marriage

By Theodore Shoebat Its official, for the first time in Catholic history, a pope has come out in support of homosexual “civil unions” which is really just secular marriage under a state. During an interview for a documentary which premiered at the Rome Film Festival, Francis stated: “Homosexual people have the right to be in […]

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Finland Moves To Purchase Fighter Jets

As is noting the trends toward militarization, such as with nationalism and more interestingly, the purchase of fighter jets by Switzerland, now Forbes magazine reports that Finland is moving to purchase a series of fighter jets, with the question being if they will come from American or European manufacturers. On October 9, the U.S. […]

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Two French Women Stab Two Muslim Women Repeatedly At Eiffel Tower While Shouting “Dirty Arab”

  One of the trends to wach for in the future is going to be anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe, because while there is a lot of racial tension, it becomes mixed with legitimate concerns about the behavior of certain members of Europe’s Islamic groups, and added to that is the continued behavior, whether a part […]

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San Francisco Moves To Allow People To Sue Over Racism In 911 Calls

In times of racial tension, while justice is important, peace and healing is equally important. However, this does not seem to be happening, and instead, in the name of attempting to help people, sides are being polarized against each other. Such is the fear taking place right now as the AP reports where the city […]

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Federal Government Moves Biometric System To Amazon

A proper definition of ‘fascism’ is the merger of state and corporate power. While corporations and goverments throughout history have merged, it is when the two do so in a way that creates a sort of ‘supermachine’ that results in the creation of state run by a materialistic philosophy in which there is no barrier […]

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Report: One Million At Risk Of Going Hungry In New York City

Food insecurity is ultimately driven in most cases by politics, since many nations have the ability to produce food, but because of political interference they are unable to feed themselves. Even in the absolutely horrible famine that befell 18th century Ireland, it was worsened directly by policies such as those under Lord Trevelyan, who preferred […]

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