Archive | October 24, 2020


New Forms Of Micro Nuclear Technology Gain Popularity

One of the trends for the future that I have noted multiple times is going to be the ‘miniaturization’ of nuclear technology so that one will be able to generate power cleaner and under potentially more ‘localized’ circumstances. This is of particular interest in that Popular Science notes that new developments in ‘molten salt reactors’ […]

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Trump Changes Religion To Non-Denominational Christian

Religion and politics is a funny thing, since often times, politicians us religion for extending their own power without any regard to the principles of the religion in question. Some people love Trump. Some hate Trump. Some have other feelings. I am not going to comment on those feelings. However, in what may be one […]

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Controversial Former Catholic Priest And Public Figure Excommunicated

There are many visions from God which are approved by the Catholic Church. However, there are a lot more which are not or are condemned because they are either the well-meaning but fanciful projections of human minds onto spiritual matters, scams using religion to get money and power, or preternatural manifestations masquerading as sacred. In […]

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