Biden Is Just Sad

I have made clear my view that Trump holds the advantage no matter what is said by the mainstream press, since Biden lacks the energy, presentation, and attraction that Trump has. Another major problem with Biden is that he is old and showing signs of what appears to be some form of dementia. This is not a secret but is obvious to all who listen to him or watch him.

However, in the past few weeks, Biden has made a series of gaffes that are just, frankly, sad. Now admittedly, these sources largely come from Trump’s campaign, but that does not undermine the veracity of the matter in question.

For example, Biden declares that he is running for the Senate.

In another interview, he claims that he is running against “George”, arguably meaning George Bush.

Perhaps in the best one, Biden calls Kamala Harris’ husband her “wife”.

There are more of such examples, but the point is clear that something is wrong.

I am not attempting to attack his character here, or even to say anything about some of his ‘creepy behavior’. Rather, it is painfully obvious that Biden is showing signs of advanced aging, and he should not be in politics, but with his family and getting the care he needs.

Putting Biden on stage does not make the Democrat party look good, and it is not good for Biden. The man is just sad, and the more I look at him, the more I can’t see anything funny about his gestures, because love him or hate him, he has a family that apparently has a lot of problems, and he needs to spend his final time on this Earth with them and helping them as he can, for his health, their welfare, and the good will of many. Putting him on stage is like parading out a sick, old, dying animal in a circus and trying to make it perform, because it’s just undignified and wrong to participate in or support.

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