Scientists Admit That CRISPR Genetic Editing May Cause Horrible Accidents

There was an old computer game I played as a child called Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. In the game, Indiana Jones confronts his age-old enemy, the National Socialists, in the quest to find Atlantis and uncover its secrets. At the end of the game, you are faced with a final challenge to save yourself and destroy the remnants of Atlantis after finding that the reason for the interest in the place was because the city was attempting to use a machine to turn people into “gods”, which always resulted in creating monsters, and at which point they want to experiment on your character. has closely followed the ‘new eugenics’ taking place, and one of these trends is genetic editing. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that major scientists are expressing concern about the practice, saying that ‘accidents’ of a horrible nature can happen.

Scientists using the Crispr gene-editing technology in human embryos to try to repair a gene that causes hereditary blindness found it made unintended and unwanted changes, frequently eliminating an entire chromosome or large sections of it.

The study published Thursday in the journal Cell comes as the international scientific community continues to grapple with the potential use of Crispr for editing human embryos that would be intended for creating a pregnancy and birth.

In September, an international commission sponsored by the U.S. National Academy of Medicine, U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the U.K.’s Royal Society issued a report stating that the gene-editing technology isn’t ready for such a use because scientists don’t understand how to make precise fixes without also introducing potentially dangerous changes.

Dieter Egli, assistant professor of developmental cell biology at Columbia University and the study’s senior author, said, “This study is not going to stop the field. But we have to ask what to do with these powerful tools, and in which context they are safe and efficacious.”

Scientists can use the gene-editing technology called Crispr-Cas9 to correct disease-causing mutations.

Two separate papers published earlier this month indicate that the ethical debate continues over whether and under what circumstances creating genetically modified children could be permissible. (source)

In the game, if you play you chances well, both scientists use the machine on themselves and they are destroyed.

The difference is that is just a game, whereas this story is reality, and is a warning for the growing trend as man tries to replace God with his own desires.

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