Remember When Donald Trump Told Biden He’ll Have A Vaccine In A Matter Of Weeks? Well Now Trump Has Been Given Medicine For Covid And His Health Is Already Improving

By Theodore Shoebat

One of the things that the media largely ignored in regards to the first presidential debate was when Trump told Biden that he will have a vaccine in a matter of weeks. In his own words:

And now, we’re weeks away from a vaccine.”

Some moments later he said: ”they will have the vaccine very soon.”

Well, it was just recently reported that Trump has given an experimental dosage of an antibody cocktail and his health is already improving. I did a video on this:

The New York Times reported:

President Trump has received a dose of an experimental antibody cocktail being developed by the drug maker Regeneron, in addition to several other drugs, including zinc, vitamin D and the generic version of the heartburn treatment Pepcid, according to a letter from his doctor that was released by the White House Friday afternoon.

In the letter, Mr. Trump’s doctor, Dr. Sean P. Conley, said “he completed the infusion without incident” and that he “remains fatigued but in good spirits.”
Donald Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, announced that his health is indeed improving. As we read in CNBC:
President Donald Trump’s condition has improved since receiving care at Walter Reed Medical Center after testing positive for the coronavirus, Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, said on Saturday.
“At this time the team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. Thursday he had a mild cough and some nasal congestion and fatigue. All of which are now resolving and improving,” Conley told reporters.
The the company that made the antibody cocktail, Regeneron, already has an arrangement from the Department of Defense on the distribution of the medicine. As the NYT reports:
“This is certainly putting us in a difficult situation,” Dr. Yancopoulos said. The company is also planning for how to allocate the product if it is authorized for emergency use or approved. Regeneron has an arrangement with the Department of Defense to distribute the first 300,000 doses once it is available. “We didn’t want to decide who gets a limited number of doses,” he said.