Azerbaijani Soldiers Take Armenian Soldier And Behead Him, Azeri Troops Also Murder Disabled Man And His Mother

Photo (right) reportedly showing Azeri soldier holding decapitated head of Armenian soldier

By Theodore Shoebat

The war over Nagorno-Karabakh continues on, with all of the horrors go along with nation killing nation. In recently reported news, there are reports stating that Azerbaijani soldiers beheaded an Armenian soldier, and also that other Azeri troops murdered a disabled man and his mother. As we read in the Greek City Times:

Last week, Azerbaijani forces targeted the Shushi Holy Martyr Cathedral, and then struck again when journalists went to cover the events, as reported by Greek City Times.

Azerbaijan has also targeted hospitals and kindergartens, resulting in several casualties.

Their soldiers have beheaded Armenian defenders, although in poetic justice the Azerbaijani soldier that committed the war crime was killed in combat.

In shocking cases, Azerbaijani special forces have killed six civilians in the town of Hadrut, including a disabled man and his mother, as well as a 73-year-old man.